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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be used to help a variety of conditions and issues. It works differently to other types of hypnotherapy in that I don't take you back into your past

or use aversion techniques to change behaviour.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works in a more holistic way because we create change at the subconscious level by increasing your confidence and motivation, accelerating your feelings of positivity and significantly reducing your stress levels.


I find it's a particularly effective therapy working within the realms of clinical depression and anxiety, plus it helps a whole range of conditions which may be caused or exacerbated by stress.


It works on many levels and I bring in other psychotherapeutic techniques where neccessary so you can be sure that you will always receive the very best treatment.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really is a forward-looking therapy which is non-intrusive and many of my clients see improvement in lots of different areas of their life after just a few weeks.




How Many Sessions Will You Need?


Most clients will only need to see me for a few weeks. Most issues can be helped within an 8-12 week timeframe, but this is something that we will need to discuss at your Initial Consultation when I have the opportunity to gather more information from you. Very often you'll start to feel better within the first few treatments, however, myself and other solution focused hypnotherapists like to work with our clients to perfect and maintain the new changes that have occured both internally and externally. There are no quick fix hypnotherapy sessions for health conditions as the brain simply does not work like that, however, solution focused hypnotherapy works relatively quickly compared to other therapies,

which can sometimes take years to effect big changes.


I work with my clients with the view to preventing them from reverting back to old patterns which cause problems and misery. I want the changes that occur to be of a more permanent nature and this requires you to commit to the therapy. The benefits are cumulative and strong momentum is built up as we progress through the weeks.


The type of issues that hypnotherapy can help with are:


General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Fears, Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder, Anger, Overwhelm, Stress, OCD, Low Mood & Negative Thinking, Insomnia & Sleeping Problems, Weight Loss & Management, Pain, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, IBS, Changing Behaviour Patterns, Motivation, Positive Thinking and Smoking Cessation.

If you can't see a condition listed here then please get in touch with me.






Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy requires just 1 x two hour session.

Some phobias can be helped with 4 x one hour sessions.






Initial Consultation - FREE (Click Here To Request One)

General Therapy Session - £60

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session - £150

Pre-Pay Block of 8 Sessions - £400

Pre-Pay Block of 3 Sessions - £160


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I'm based at Truro Hypnotherapy Practice on St. Clements St in Truro. I see all my private hypnotherapy clients here and also teach at various locations around Cornwall.



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Natalie Fox DSFH AFSFH is a Psychotherapist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She is able to work with a variety of different clinical and social conditions.

Natalie is a member of The Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the National Board For Modern Psychotherapy.

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Find me at: Truro Hypnotherapy Practice, Upper Floor, Kent House, St. Clements St, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1EQ.

Email: info@natalielouisefox.com

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