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I'm a psychotherapist practicing Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and I also help people to learn how to practice Mindfulness. I use these because they are powerful and everybody can be helped in some way by these techniques. I help clients with all kinds of problems, from clinical depression to confidence and self-esteem issues.


I'm also the author of the popular book Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life. I've written for The Huffington Post and my work has been featured on several blogs, such as Yogamatters's blog, Casa De Karma, Ms Health Esteem and also Mindfulness expert Rachael Kable's blog and podcast. In February 2017, the national Spirit and Destiny Magazine published a special edition of my book for their readers and interviewed me about gratitude and positive thinking.


I've been in the therapy and self-improvement world for over a decade, in fact, I used to train complementary therapists and write and teach anatomy and physiology courses. With regards to my hypnotherapy, I trained with the esteemed Clifton Practice in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and I'm now based at Truro Hypnotherapy Practice in Cornwall.


I'm all about helping you, my client to move towards happiness. My book focuses on retraining your brain to think in a more positive way and make use of your brain's neuroplastic nature, and as a psychotherapist I weave together the most modern psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapy techniques with well-researched neuroscience. I want to help you to take back contol of your life and your thoughts to create amazing, positive change.


It's my belief that everybody has the potential to be brilliant, radiant and happy and I aim to bring this out in all of my clients.


Please explore the other pages on my website to find out more about how I can work with you to help you move past your problems. You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. @natalielouisefox


I offer a Free Initial Consultation to all my hypnotherapy clients. If you would like to request one, please fill out the form here.


If you are not based in Cornwall, I can work with you via Skype. Please contact me to discuss this.



We don't just push you into waves, we teach you how to surf



Natalie Fox DSFH AFSFH is a Psychotherapist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She is able to work with a variety of different clinical and social conditions.

Natalie is a member of The Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the National Board For Modern Psychotherapy.

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Find me at: Truro Hypnotherapy Practice, Upper Floor, Kent House, St. Clements St, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1EQ.

Email: info@natalielouisefox.com

Phone: 07848 830 182

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