I had Solution Focused Hypnotherapy treatment with Natalie at the end of last year and felt the benefits almost immediately. Apart from the comforting feeling of knowing that someone has your interests at heart, I suddenly felt motivated again. It’s amazing how changing the way you think and focus can make such a dramatic impact on your daily life! I noticed other changes too, such as a new enthusiasm for exercise and a change in my diet. I found it so helpful and uplifting that I have returned for more! I thoroughly recommend this treatment and Natalie as a practitioner.”


S. S



“I haven’t smoked since having hypnotherapy with 7 weeks ago Natalie, which feels amazing. I did still crave for at least the first month, but something had changed in me and I just knew I would never smoke again. I was quite skeptical about having hypnotherapy, but it has worked for me and I know I would never have been able to quit on my own. Natalie is friendly and professional and put me at ease straight away.”


I. S




“I booked my session with Natalie as I suddenly had a crippling fear of heights that came out of nowhere. I was quite sceptical at first, but would try absolutely anything as this fear was having a major effect on my lifestyle. As we lived near the coastal paths, and being very keen walkers, walking the Southwest coast path is what we enjoyed doing in our spare time. This sudden fear and phobia was ruining every weekend, I was absolutely terrified to even go out walking for fear of another panic, anxiety attack happening again.


At my first appointment, I found Natalie really easy to talk to and she explained the process of hypnotherapy to me clearly. I was quite nervous about the therapy at first, but Natalie made me feel relaxed and at ease. Just after a few sessions, I have managed to walk the route again where the first panic attack happened, and even managed to stop and take a few photos to show that I had actually done it. I feel a lot calmer and in control, and also less anxious and more confident within my everyday life. I am very grateful for all that she has done, and would definitely recommend Natalie for anyone looking for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.”


T. A




“After suffering over 10 years of anxiety and stress relating from a bad relationship I was really struggling to cope with my anxiety of being in crowds , feeling constant guilt , and not being able to handle situations relating with him regarding my daughter ( the father to her ). My sleeping was struggling due to constant worrying and my outlook on life and myself was extremely negative with little confident and increased weight gain due to comfort eating.


My knowledge and experience of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy was very little , it was recommended I go to give it a go. All I can say is that I wish I had known earlier about this treatment. Even after the first session I felt different, lighter. From the way Natalie explained the way the brain works to being able to focus on the positive and not the negative was such a new concept to me. she taught me and helped me to do things that I love to do again and feel happy in situations almost that I had forgotten about .


Listening to her talking to me while I felt relaxed and safe I managed to close my eyes and drift. Through her talking and stories I seemed to focus on the areas that I needed each week . Confidence, respect for myself, happy , relax....


It’s truly changed my life. I’ve started swimming each week, reading, actually taking the time even for 2 minutes to sit and listen to myself for once , my anxiety is the best it’s been. I’ve even managed a trip to London over the busy Christmas period where I was amongst large crowds and felt good and safe - my anxiety was at its lowest . Each week after each session I seemed to have this urge to do something new once I went and brought an art pad and I now draw sometimes in the evenings and sit quietly for me time this helps me focus and regroup myself . (I haven’t drawn since schoo!)


I feel I can cope with harder situations so much more calmer and not fire up - it’s like I have learnt to breathe again. After a few weeks I can truly say that I feel like a different person , This therapy has changed my life and myself around and I will continue to use it in every part of my life .


I can’t recommend it enough and how important it has been for myself and my family. When I feel I’m struggling I know Natalie is there and I can continue with this therapy .


I would recommend this therapy as a 10/ 10 because of my personal outcome. After years of trying several different techniques I’ve found with this one a way of understanding my problems and actually focusing on my strengths not negatives. I have recommended several friends and family to go along to see Natalie and can’t thank her enough for being there. “


A. T




Natalie Fox DSFH AFSFH is a Psychotherapist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She is able to work with a variety of different clinical and social conditions.

Natalie is a member of The Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the National Board For Modern Psychotherapy.

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